Ikoku province

Ikoku province (M3)

The Ikoku province (M3) was a Unicorn province of the Moto family. It contained the Unicorn capital Shiro Moto, the City between the Rivers, the Village by the Sleeping River, the White Shore Plain, [1] the Temple of Death [2] Kaiten Mura, [3] and the village of Watarimono. [4]

Borders Edit

The province was bordered by the Utaku provinces to the North, the Kawabe province (M2) to the West, by the Ujidera (Hor1) and Shinten provinces (Iu1) to the South, being enveloped by the plains that overlooked the Dragon territory to the East. [1]

Clan Heartland Edit

The family that ruled the Unicorn Clan also ruled the so-called “clan heartland” – the provinces of Ikoku, Kawabe, and Zenzan, so this province passed from the Shinjo to the Moto in the 12th century when the Moto began to rule the clan. [5]


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