Ikiryo were a family spirit, friendly or otherwise. [1] They used to were the spirits of the failed guardians, doomed to spend eternity making up for their failure. They guarded their charges unerringly, destroying anything that came close to the person or object they protected. [2]

Appearance Edit

Ikiryo 2


Ikiryo appeared as darkened spirits within the ghostly tatters of their prior lives, fading away at the waist. They were often found in tombs, protecting the corpse of a person they failed to protect in life. Ikiryo were vengeful spirits which detested nearly all forms of life, but they particularly hated those who resembled the ones who caused their downfall. [2]

Tainted Edit

Ikiryo were particularly susceptible to the influence of the Shadowlands, and many became so only a short time after their creation. [3]

External Links Edit

Ikiryo 3



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