Ikeda family 
Patron family: Matsu family 
Clan: Lion Clan 
Founded: 816 
Daimyo: Unknown

The Ikeda family was a family of riders who gathered information about cavalry in the battlefield. [1]

Founding Edit

After the Return of the Ki-Rin the Lion warred the Unicorn, until the children of Shinjo were acepted as returned Great Clan. However, Matsu Ikeda requested to watch them closely, still suspecting of the barbarians newcomers. Ikeda spent a time as emissary to the Unicorn, gathering their secrets, and upon his return both clans spent one year to see each with respect, settling any possible conflict between them. The Emperor granted Ikeda what he requested, a vassal family name that would give the Ikeda the resources and honor to ensure what Ikeda had learned would not be lost after a generation. [1]

Duty Edit

The Ikeda would be instrumental to gain advantage against cavalry, as happened during the War Against Shadow, when they were attacked by the Unicorn, or scoutin the Tsuno during the Four Winds era. All Ikeda were expected to make at least one jour­ney in their lifetime to the Lion/Unicorn border, so they might gaze upon the lands from which they learned their ways. [2]

Territory Edit

The Castle of Thunder was the Ikeda ancestral home, and Ikeda Toshi its other main holding. [3]

Ikeda Daimyo Edit

The following are the known daimyo of the Ikeda :

Matsu Ikeda 816 - ?

See also Edit


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