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Ihara was a monk acolyte of Souin Kureta who devised the Tenshido, one of th major Rokugani martial arts.

Self-Protection Edit

Members of the Brotherhood of Shinsei belived they had to learn how to defend the monasteries they fought so hard to build. Ihara believed that aggression detracted from pursuit of enlightenment, but his brethren should not be helpless to their own defense. He left the monastery to find a compromise between the two dilemmas. [1]

Tenshido Edit

From many dojo he learned those moves intended to avoid aggression or harmlessly incapacitate an attacker After twenty years of practice Ihara returned home, in his monastery within the Great Crater. He had devised Tenshido, a martial art which focused on throws and redirection of force, a new fighting technique that did not instigate aggression. [1]


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