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Ieyoshi was a ronin bushi. He was a mercenary who honored those who paid him. [1]

Destroyer War Edit

In 1173 during the Destroyer War Ieyoshi and his men were defending the remnants of Closed Pincer City, a city ruined after the battle of the God Beast of Kali-Ma. They were joined by a man who claimed to be an Imperial, Usharo, but Ieyoshi did not believe he was who he said. When the Destroyers arrived Usharo fought and killed several gaijin demons alone. They were victorious when the Crab gunso Hiruma Seiko appeared with reinforcements, but Usharo had disappeared. [2]

At Shimekiri's service Edit

The ronin uruwashii Shimekiri arrived at the city and figured out how the city could be held. During the battle, the Scorpion withdrew their defending forces without warning, the city was lost and Shimekiri forced to fall back, being Ieyoshi slightly injured. His army suffered serious losses, so he bullied Ieyoshi and his wave men into his service. [3]

Meidochi Edit

They came to Hare lands near Meidochi, where they would confront again the Destroyers. Ieyoshi started to suspect that the Fallen Crane was indeed not without a lord. He thought Shimekiri on a musha shugyo and mistook Shosuro Jimen for his lord. During the ensuing battle the appearance of a maddened Tattooed Monk, Hitomi Kagetora, clashing against the demons line, gave them an opportunity to make a stronger attack. The Obsidian Dragon, the moon, had empowered Kagetora to fight the Destroyers in order to honour its antecessor, Lady Moon Hitomi. [4]

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