Ide Uchi 
Born: Unknown 
Children: Several un-named sons,
Ide Ikue,
Ide Asagi

Ide Uchi was a merchant of the Unicorn Clan.

Merchant Patron Edit

Ide Uchi was an aged, very overweight, wealthy and self-indulgent Unicorn merchant patron based in Journey's End Keep. He specialized in rare gaijin items from the Burning Sands, as Ashalan Crysteel. [1]

Merchant Conflicts Edit

Uchi's family run a Unicorn caravan which followed a route to Medinaat al-Salaam and back. His sons handled most of his business, and his youngest sons, Ide Ikue and Ide Asagi, handled his booth in the local marketplace. Uchi faced strong competition for several years from Ide Sadao, and finally he won out against Sadao due to political sponsorship from the Second City. [2]

Chonitsu's Associate Edit

Uchi had been sponsored by Doji Chonitsu, who sought rare substances like jade and crystal, as well as the art and relics of the now-defunct Ivory Kingdoms. The Crane was also interested in both the surviving remnants of local gaijin folk in that area and in any visitor from the Burning Sands. Uchi provided him the semi-legendary Crysteel. [3] Chonitsu used political contacts in the Second City to enhance Uchi's mercantile success. Unknown to Uchi was that Chonitsu was actually Raniyah the Sly, an immortal Rakshasa who needed crysteel to help break the prison housing her fellow rakshasa a milennia ago. [1]

Exiling Chonitsu's Rivals Edit

Uchi complained about the surviving Ivinda who still lived in this area, claiming they were harassing his business. They had broken into his warehouse on two occasions trying to intercept crysteel items. Local magistrate Shinjo Juntao ordered some Ivinda exiled from Journey's End Keep in response to Uchi's complaints. [4] Uchi did it following Chonitsu's orders, as one of the gaijin, Gopti, had recognized the demonic creature within the guise of Chonitsu. [1]


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