Ide Towako

Ide Towako

Ide Towako was a courtier of the Unicorn Clan.

Winter Court - 1170 Edit

Towako was in attendance during the Winter court at Kyuden Bayushi in winter 1170-1171.

Yashigi destroyed Edit

In 1171 she had returned from Unicorn lands and told the village of Yashigi had been overrun by the yobanjin Army of Fire. The commander of the city and Ide Eien's cousin, Ide Shinji, had died in the fight after the Unicorn killed the Yobanjin command group. A yobanjin war banner was retrieved and sent to the Iuchi, to research the Dark Oracle of Fire's magic placed upon the barbarians. [1]

Shiro Shinjo assaulted Edit

Eien became absent of the Imperial Court and Towako was chosen to inform Empress Iweko about the status of the Army of Fire's assault on Shiro Shinjo. When the honor of the Shinjo family was questioned by a Yasuki courtier Towako did not intervene. Bayushi Kurumi, Bayushi Jutsushi, and Akodo stepped forward to succesfully defend the honor of the Shinjo. [2]

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