Please note: This article is about a minor daimyo who first proposed a Summer Court in the Colonies. For other uses of the term, please see Toshiro (disambiguation).

Ide Toshiro was a minor daimyo of the Unicorn Clan who was appointed in the Colonies. In 1178, after the post-Monsoon season, Toshiro traveled back to Rokugan proper and attended the Empress' Imperial Winter Court. Toshiro told Iweko I that the summer in the former Ivory Kingdoms was hot, so the Rokugani had to spent it in idleness. His proposal to use this quater of the year for court season was sanctioned by the Empress, because it would allow some samurai in the Colonies to attend the courts of Rokugan and the courts of the Colonies in the same year. Toshiro returned to the Colonies and in 1179 the first Summer Court took place in the Second City. [1]


  1. Second City - The City, p. 90

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