Ide Tenseko was the most powerful Oyabun of Otosan Uchi prior to the Scorpion Coup. [1]

Oyabun Edit

In the first years of the 12th century Tenseko moved to the Karada district to establish a smuggling circle in Otosan Uchi. She was immediately countered by the already established corrupt Tortoise bushi, Kasuga Kumon. Tenseko arranged for him to be arrested and convicted on trumped-up charges, so she became the unchallenged oyabun in the Imperial City. [2]

Criminal Empire Edit

Tenseko headed a large and influential smuggling operations in the Empire, with “trading” hubs in every district of the city and in most major towns and ports along the eastern coast of Rokugan. [3]

Hideout Edit

Tenseko had her hideout in an island in the middle of an underground lake beneath the Imperial City. A manor there housed her pet, the albino Naga Abomination Kyaku, [4] a Naga Asp she bought from a trapper just after her arrival to the city. [3]

Scorpion Coup Edit

The Scorpion Coup was a great disaster for Tenseko's ambition. Haven and the Ivy Palace, two footholds of his criminal empire under the control of her lieutenants, Shosuro Ino and Bayushi Dokusen, were utterly destroyed, and the propierties became part of the Komichi Riding Park. [5]

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