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Ide Shinji 
Ide Shinji 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1171

Ide Shinji was a courtier and scout of the Unicorn Clan.

Family Edit

Shinji was cousin of the Ide Daimyo Ide Eien. [1]

Station Edit

Shinji was assigned to a unit patroling the Western Steppes, alongside Moto Kunio, Utaku Arisa, Moto Yuudai, and Utaku Chiasa. [2]

Ashalan attack Edit

In 1170 a group of Ashalan vassals marched to the Shinomen Mori and were defeated by Shinji's unit [2] in the Western Steppes. [3]

Death Edit

Shinji was the commander of the village of Yashigi. In 1171 the Army of Fire overrun the village during the War of Dark Fire. Shinji had concealed his forces, and as the enemy passed, Shinji made a suicidal charge, armed with jade dust that coated their weapons. They struck down the yobanjin command group before they were killed in turn, and his second fled with the enemy war banner for Iuchi research on the foul magic enhanced by the Dark Oracle of Fire. [1]

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