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Ide Sadao was a merchant of the Unicorn Clan.

Appearance and Demeanor Edit

Sadao was short, squat man, with bandy legs from horsemanship. He played up his image to appear a Unicorn barbarian, wearing a leathery weatherbeaten skin, a scruffy beard, and a drooping moustache. His smile exposed a gleaming tooth of gold. Sadao was a clever and resourceful man, which knew how far he could bend Rokugani conventions. [1]

Merchant Edit

Sadao was a wealthy merchant patron and caravan owner. He made numerous trips to and from Rokugan via the Ki-Rin's Path and even had taken a trade caravan into the Burning Sands as far as the city of Medinaat al-Salaam. Sadao took residence in the Second City, indulging himself in frequent visits to a geisha house on the Licensed Quarter, the House of Radiant Fog[1]

Crass Commerce Edit

Sadao faced strong competition for several years from another Unicorn merchant patron, Ide Uchi, who was located at Journey's End Keep. Eventually Sadao lost apparently due to Uchi's political sponsorship from the Second City. [2] Otomo Akio, karo to the Chancellor of the Left, had endorsed Uchi in the trade of gaijin and other goods through Journey's End Keep. This effectively shut out him of the lucrative trade with the Burning Sands. The Head of the Unicorn delegation in the Secodn City, Shinjo Izanagi, appointed the idle merchant to a relatively minor court position. Sadao found himself stuck in the Ivory Court. [1] Sadao despised Akio for meddling in his business affairs. [3]

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