Ide Oyunbileg 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Un-named Ide Courtiers 
Titles: Governor of Dark Edge Village

Ide Oyunbileg was a courtier of the Unicorn Clan.

Appearance Edit

Oyunbileg had a rich reddish-brown skin, giving a strongly gaijin appearance. She kept her dark hair pinned up and used a touch of makeup to accentuate her brown eyes. [1]

Early Years Edit

Daughter of a couple of minor courtiers, Oyunbileg spent much of her time in the company of diplomats, artists, and envoys. Oyunbileg developed a passion for the precepts of Honor, fruit of the speechs of one of her instructors, and she expected to uphold civility and honorable conduct through her actions as courtier. After her gempukku, Oyunbileg served as a minor functionary and attaché in Duzaki Toshi. In seven years she was promoted to governor of Dark Edge Village. [1]

Administrator Edit

Oyunbileg resided in a two-story building in the Administrative Center. Funding was constantly an issue. The low income provided by the settlement did not match the costs of maintaining the dueling fields and the shrine, barring any improvement in other areas of the village. She ealized the post had little possibility for further advancement. Oyunbileg liked to roam the village while on horseback, usually accompanied by Shinjo Rokuro and one other guard. [2]

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