Ide Ojong was a Merchant Patron of the Unicorn Clan.

Early Years Edit

Ojong was a small, frailty, and often sickly boy. He trained his mind, as he could not compete with his bethren in physical strength, and eventually enrolled in the Ide Emissary school. During his training Ojong found Bushido a restriction, and after his gempukku he became a Merchant Patron, seeing wealth as a key to power and success. [1]

Merchant Patron Edit

Ojong became the master of a large merchant caravan, secured a personal alliance with the Yasuki family, establishing an even larger network of commerce. An influential samurai, Ojong moved to Naishou Province, which its economy was unsupervised by any of the strong Rokugani mercantile groups. He took over several key trades within the province, extending his influence to obtain the office of Governor for himself or impose a puppet Governor. [2]

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