Ide Michikane 
Ide Michikane 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1122 
Parents: Ide Baranato,
Ide Shikibu 
Siblings: Ide Asamitsu

Ide Michikane lived with his brother Ide Asamitsu in Ryoko Owari Toshi, son of Ide Baranato and Ide Shikibu. [1] He was born in the twentieth day, Month of the Tiger. [2]

Brothers Edit

Michikane was a lighthearted and entertaining man, while his brother was sincere and thoughtful. [3] He was friend of the musician Iuchi Michisuna. [4]

Ride competition Edit

In 1121 Bayushi Otado boasted about the steed his father had gifted him, apparently the better of the Unicorn Clan. Michikane pointed out that a horse was only as good as its rider, and challenged him to a ride around the entire city. To level the challenge Michikune had to make it twice before Otado circled the city once, and the bet were each man's horses. Michikane easily defeated his opponent, but refused to take the prize, dazzling Otado. [5]

Days of Generosity Edit

This year Michikane was chosen as 'King of Generosity' during the Days of Generosity. He picked his cousin Otaku Naishi as the 'best giver'. [6]

Betrothed Edit

They met Shosuro Kimi, the daughter of the Governor Shosuro Hyobu, and became good friends. Kimi had spent several years fostered with the Crane, and the graceful, polite, and beautiful maiden was not like the secretive and deceitful Scorpion of the city. Kimi quickly fell in Michikane's joy of life, and they engaged. [3]

Kimi's feelings Edit

Kimi eventually fell in love with Asamitsu, and she was corresponded, but the couple did not advance in any romantic relation due to Kimi's engagement with Michikane. [3]

Death Edit

In the ninth day of Month of the Snake, Michikane was found dead from opium overdose in 1122, [4] inside a geisha house. [7] He died thinking his own brother had betrayed him. [8]

Kolat's tool Edit

The kolat devised a plan that would end the opium trade at Rokugan, and Michikane was only a necessary victim. A Kolat impersonated his brother, and led him into a back room of the House of the Morning Star, where he was restrained and force-fed Liquid Void until he died. It was instrumental in the thirst of revenge of his father, and the beginning of the Opium War. [9]


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