Ide Jiao

Ide Jiao

Ide Jiao was a magistrate of the Unicorn Clan and member of the Junghar.

Hat Edit

Jiao wore a trademark furry hat, [1] Some said it was made with a squirrel with bat wings. [2]

Winter Court - 1168 Edit

In 1168 Jiao was an attendant of the Unicorn delegation at Winter Court at Kyuden Otomo. The Imperial Chancellor Bayushi Kaukatsu was surprised to see a man wearing the mortal remains of an animal on one's head. He was nonetheless selected by Kaukatsu to serve as court assistant, managing the affairs of the Imperial Court in the occasional absence of the Chancellor, the Empress, and Otomo Hoketuhime.[2]

Murder at Winter Court Edit

Moto Shikenji, who had arrived to Winter Court to deliver a message to his Khan's wife, Moto Rumiko confessed the murder of Bayushi Moyotoshi in his sleep. When he saw Moyotoshi, responsible of his cousin's death Moto Ogedei, he decided to kill the Scorpion. Kaukatsu told Jiao that Moyotoshi had not been who he claimed to be and Rumiko ordered Shikenji to commit seppuku. [2]

Jiao fakes his Death Edit

Jiao's Faked Death

Jiao's Faked Death

When the news of the Khan's invasion of lion lands reached the Imperial Court Ide Jiao conducted wrong and he nearly exposed the plans of Moto Chagatai during the Khan's Defiance. Seeking allies he told the truth to the Mantis delegation, and instead to gain them he terrified the Moshi Daimyo Moshi Amika with the Khan's plans. When Tsuruchi Kaya demanded to turn Jiao over to the Emerald Magistrates the Imperial Chancellor Kaukatsu, a secret ally of the Khan, replaced Jiao with a Shosuro Actor who committed seppuku in his place. [2]

Winter of Red Snow...

Even the wisest say that

Everything changes.
-Ide Jiao's final haiku [2]

Jiao returned to Unicorn lands in secret. [3]

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