Ide Gokun 
Ide Gokun 
Born: Unknown 
Died: c.45 
Died after return: Unknown 
Parents: Ide,
Siblings: Otaku Shiko 
Children: Un-named daughter

Ide Gokun was the youngest son of Ide [1] and Otaku, who died prior to the Ki-Rin Clan's exodus from Rokugan. He later returned through Oblivion's Gate in the 12th century.

At Odds with his Father Edit

Gokun took his pacifistic father's name, but was a disappointment to him as he was more martially disposed than his other siblings, save Shiko, who had taken their mother's name. Gokun viewed Ide's peaceful ways as weak. To prove himself to his father, and presumably avenge his mother's death, Gokun volunteered to fight in an army that would be striking against the Shadowlands sometime after the Day of Thunder and before the Ki-Rin's Exodus. Before the Exodus a messenger from Hida's army came to Ide with news that his son, Gokun had fallen in battle against an oni, but had single-handedly defeated 50 enemies. His father ordered a shrine built in his son's memory, and brought with him Gokun's young daughter. [1]

Return Edit

Gokun returned to Ningen-do through Oblivion's Gate, and became obsessed with hunting Bayushi Paneki. [2] It was believed the resentment of Paneki stemmed from Paneki's capture of Shiro Iuchi from the spirit army, but it was unknown what became of Gokun. [3]

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