Ide Emissary

Ide Emissary

Ide Emissary was the term used for the Unicorn Clan's courtier school. [1]

Origins Edit

Their school was born out of the need for peaceful envoys to be sent to the strange and oft-times hostile people of the Burning Sands. They worked very hard to ensure after the Unicorn's return to Rokugan that their kinsmen would be treated no differently than any other clan in the Empire. [1]

Tradition Edit

The Ide school discouraged violence. [2]

Ide Emissary Techniques Edit

Kolat purge Edit

To a large extent, they succeeded admirably, though the installation of Moto Gaheris as daimyo following the Kami Shinjo's purge of their clan of its Kolat elements came as a considerable setback to their efforts (since he was seen by nearly all as a gaijin). They must now see to it that the Unicorn had the same respect as anybody else in court, with a daimyo that seems to at times actively work against that. [1]

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