Ide Dalib 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Al-Zinan

Dalib ibn al Zinan was a gaijin from the Burning Sands who was among the first such to swear fealty to the Ki-Rin Clan. [1]

Burning Sands Edit

Dalib was a courtier and slave to a very cruel Sultan, from whom he desired escape. Dalib knew that his place was with the Ki-Rin upon seeing the greatness of Lady Shinjo. [1]

After meeting with representatives of the Ide family, Dalib formulated a plan over the course of several weeks. Dalib began regularly insulting the Ki-Rin in the courts, greatly distressing his master, who knew of the Ki-Rin's might. When the next Ki-Rin delegation came to court, Dalib insulted them and advised his master to war against the Ki-Rin. The angry Sultan demanded Dalib be executed, but Dalib was forgiven by the Ide ambassador. A slave sentenced to death by his master was already considered dead, but once forgiven his punishment was nullified, thus freeing him. [1]

K-Rin Clan Edit

Dalib was accepted into the [Ki-Rin Clan]] and became Ide Dalib. Within five years he had completely assimilated into his adopted culture. The Ide revered Dalib for his courage and cleverness, and it is thought that any plan devised by his descendents will meet with certain success. [2]


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