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Ide Buodin 
Ide Buodin 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Children: Ide Tang

Ide Buodin was a Magistrate and Strategist of the Unicorn Clan.

Legacy of the Naga Edit

Buodin, Moto Sakura, and Utaku Sahijir were the magistrates sent to protect the Naga through Lion lands, under the command of Shinjo Shirasu. Both Buodin and Sahijir were sent to stop Sakura from delivering a mistaken message to Otosan Uchi. [1]

Spirits War Edit

Buodin reported the supplies run short. Hida Tsuneo had taken the Hida lands, and the Daidoji and Asahina fields were in flames. If Tsuneo would choose to press the advantage, the Empire would be lost. [2]

Children Edit

Buodin was stationed at Ryoko Owari, where he had been blackmailed by the Scorpion with his huge gambling debts, and the illness of his son, Ide Tang. Buodin got the medicines to diminish the suffering of his son until death. In return the Scorpion replaced the dead with one of his kinsmen, that was sent to the Ide provinces, where nobody knew the real face of Buodin's true son. Buodin died three weeks later. [3]

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