Ide Bantu 
Ide Bantu 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1166

Ide Bantu was a courtier and magistrate of the Unicorn Clan.

Station Edit

Bantu was appointed to the city of Shutai, in the Scorpion. His daimyo Ide Tang tasked him to make regular trade between the Unicorn and Scorpion Clans. Bantu usually made the deals with the magistrate Shosuro Adeiko.

Bantu's Opinions Edit

Shutai had reputation as a refuge for bandits and rebels. Bantu hated his assignment and the Scorpion Clan, mere scoundrels, causing nothing but problems.

Death Edit

In 1166 the city suffered a bloodspeaker attack. They killed the Unicorn and Scorpion guards of a trade caravan surveyed by Bantu. With no more bushi in the city Bantu decided to set to fire the caravan to advise Adeiko of the troubles. He was noticed by a bloodspeaker who blinded him, and prepared a final blow. Bantu sacrificed himself sending a torch to a ceramic pots containing oil, that exploded killing him and the cultist.

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