Ide Ashijun

Ide Ashijun

Ide Ashijun was an Emerald Magistrate who was given many tasks including capturing the ronin Yugoro. [1] He was also nominated by Utaku Xieng Chi to be Hitomi's second, but politly turned down on the twenty third day of darkness. [2]

Yugoro's Death Edit

Ashijun and his magistrate eventually found Yugoro's Lair, a cave on the northern side of the Spine of the World Mountains. Ashijun's servants killed all of the ronin that served Yugoro in this lair, but most of them were slain in the process. Ashijun faced Yugoro and took the bandit-lord's head but came away with a mortal wound. [3] Ashijun had killed Yugoro while in the guise of one of his many "lieutenants", so the magistrate was not aware of whom he had killed when he put Yugoro to an early death. [4]

Death Edit

A powerful gaki that had been observing the greedy ronin for years took advantage of that moment and opened a passage into Ningen-do from Gaki-do, the Realm of Hungry Dead. It lifted up Yugoro's body and feasted upon all but one of the remaining magistrates, including Ashijun himself. The powerful spirit had merged with Yugoro to become a shozai-gaki. [3]

Aftermath Edit

After no more flesh was available than the lone yoriki, the gaki bound himself to one of the many swords that laid about in his stronghold and convinced Ashijun's yoriki to carry him from the area. [4] The blade passed to Ide Nominari, Ashijun's granddaughter, during her gempukku, [5] and in time she was possessed by Yugoro's shozai-gaki, becoming a new bandit Lord. [6]

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