Ide Asamitsu 
Ide Asamitsu 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Ide Baranato,
Ide Shikibu 
Siblings: Ide Michikane

Ide Asamitsu lived with his brother Ide Michikane in Ryoko Owari Toshi, son of Ide Baranato and Ide Shikibu. [1]

Training Edit

Asamitsu was a student of the Shinjo Bushi school. [2]

Brothers Edit

Asamitsu was a sincere and thoughtful man, while Michikane was lighthearted and entertaining. [3]

Love Edit

The brothers met Shosuro Kimi, the daughter of the Governor Shosuro Hyobu, and became good friends. Kimi had spent several years fostered with the Crane, and the graceful, polite, and beautiful maiden was not like the secretive and deceitful Scorpion of the city. Initially Kimi spent more time with Michikane, but she finally fell in love with Asamitsu, who felt the same way. Kimi was engaged to Asamitsu's brother, so they did not advance on their love until Michikane died [3] of opium overdose in 1122. [4] Asamitsu betrothed Kimi the same year. [5]

Opium War Edit

Asamitsu had grown in the shadow of his popular older brother, but he loved him and was determined to avenge him. [6] His father gathered a group of his relatives and enlisted them. This group consisted of his cousins Ide Nakatada, Otaku Genshi and Otaku Naishi. Genshi told that she could trick the bandit Fade into helping them. [7]

First strikes Edit

Nakatada and Asamitsu pulled off a daylight burglary from the Shosuro cartel warehouse, and Baranato used his magic to plant in a guard the impression he sounded as Soshi Seiryoku, the leader of the Soshi cartel. The other cartels were also attacked in their opium activities. [8]

Kimi is kidnapped Edit

Kimi was kidnapped by the Bayushi cartel as a hostage. Asamitsu came to the Bayushi state and told the magistrates already there that Kimi would be safer with him than returning with her family. Asamitsu knew that the conflict between the shosuro and Bayushi cartels had not ended. After she was released she came to the Ide family instead to her own and Asamitsu took her under his protection. [9]

End of the War Edit

Eventually the Unicorn conspiracy was leaked by Naishi, who had attempted to create an opium cartel of her own. It happened after all the three cartels suffered great losses, and their leaders were dead or disgraced. Asamitsu's fate after the war was unknown. [10]

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