Ide Arahime was a samurai-ko [1] of the Unicorn Clan who wrote a journal during her trip to the Second City. Her horse was named Botan. [2]

Colonies Edit

Arahime journeyed to the Second City when Rokugani winter was coming through the land route that crossed Journey's End Keep. Her companion Korechika, a member of the Spider Clan, made her realize the weather was warmer in the Colonies. She was welcomed by the Head of the Unicorn Embassy, Shinjo Izanagi, who housed Arahime in the Fuan-Ti's Tower. Utaku Kimiono began to introduce her in the Colonial capital, spent time with Otomo Hanako, and admired the sculptures of Shiba Donoka. [3]

Business Edit

Arahime had a productive meeting with Shinjo Shimikoto, the best-connected of the Unicorn merchant patrons in the city. She was shocked to treat for some of his business with gaijin. Jizo's Mercy Theater provided her with the taste of Rokugani Noh art she needed. Matsu Sakiko warned her about the hot summer to come, and the need of a much lighter kimono, which was eventually made by Sakiko's seamstress, Midori. [4]

Summer Edit

Arahime attended Summer Court and began to use cooler clothes at home. Botan fell ill of hot, and eventually passed away. After the summer Arahime endured the monsoon season. [5]

Making Relations Edit

Arahime found Moshi Jiro very unpleasant as possible ship captain for her business. She spent time with Isawa Yuzuki and her student, Isawa Teiko, exploring the different colonial tea blends. Arahime arranged with Yasuki Himiko a regular supply of tea. Daidoji Senshi approached her to offer an alternative and reliable ship captain to ship some items home, and a deal was made. Korechika introduced her a storyteller, Daigotsu Meikuko, who was brilliant but left Arahime with nightmares. During a noh play she met Bayushi Kuraku, a man besotted to Kabuki plays. Arahime eventually enjoyed kabuki in the Bayushi's Smile Theater. [6]

Leaving the Colonies Edit

Korechika revealed he had fallen in love with Arahime, and attempted to convince her to stay in the Second City with him. There was no way the conversation could have ended well. In the 21st of the Month of the Monkey Arahime sailed back to Rokugan. [7]


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