Ichiro no Oni was summoned by the ten years old Agasha Ichiro.

Appearance and Abilities Edit

Ichiro no Oni was a symbiotic entity that required a host in order to survive. [1] It was a semi-ethereal spirit permanently linked with its summoner. The oni was extremely possessive of its host, because the damage done to either hurt the other. While the oni pulled itself into its body's host, making the skin swell like a balloon. [2]

Summoned Edit

Agasha Ichiro, son of Agasha Dorachi, foolishly summoned the Oni. Ichiro no Oni bound its spirit to the boy and forced him to curse his family, killing them. Agasha Ichiro remained the sole survivor Dorachi's heir. [3] Eventually Dorachi realized his son had been possessed by an oni, taking his own life rather than allow the demon to use his son as a murder weapon. The sight of his father's death awakened Ichiro from his stupor, and the young man killed himself with Dorachi's wakizashi, forever denying the demon could fully absorb his soul and become an Oni Lord. [4]

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