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Ichiro Ryoku was a bushi of the Badger Clan in the 12th century.

Famous Edit

Ryoku left the mountains of the Badger Clan on a musha shugyo to win favor and honor for the Badger and return with allies. He was already one of the most famous members of his family, a naturally gifted warrior and athlete filled with optimism. [1]

The Lair Edit

In the Twilight Mountains Ryoku helped a group of samurai who were fighting against overwhelming odds of bandits. They were members of the supposedly extinct Boar Clan, who since the early 6th century lived isolated from the Empire in a remote valley known as the Lair. Ryoku was told he would not be allowed to leave the plateau, and in return the Lair's leader, Heichi Jomei, sent of one his men every few years to anonymously deliver ingots of steel to the Badger as compensation for the loss of Ryoku's service to his lord. Ryoku adapted easily to living with the Boar, starting a romance with a fellow warrior, Heichi Rikuko, the only samurai ever able to best him at wrestling. There was talk of a wedding, but Ryoku was reluctant to let go of the Ichiro surname, his last tie to his family and clan. [1]

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