Ichiro Noriaki 
Born: 1138 
Died: Unknown

Ichiro Noriaki was a bushi of the Badger Clan.

Mercenary Edit

Noriaki was a shy Badger Mercenary who hired his sword to many masters, never remaining in one spot for long. He traveled only in the company of other Badger mercenaries, in small groups. Noriaki had the role to maintain contact between them and their clan to the north. Noriaki made regular stops at the Fallen Mountain Dojo in the City of the Rich Frog, and journeyed to Kibukito village at least once a year. [1]

Seeking a new Sensei Edit

In 1170 Ichiro Tashimi, the aged Fallen Mountain sensei, was dying and no one stood ready to take his place at the school. Noriaki, who was 32 years old at that time, sought for a Badger samurai possessing the requisite knowledge. [2]

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