Ichiro Munemitsu 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 710

Ichiro Munemitsu was a bushi and yoriki of the Badger Clan.

Hunting Jama Suru Edit

In 709 [1] along with fellow Emerald Magistrate Isawa Shokan and his other yoriki, Munemitsu hunted down Jama Suru in Kuni Nikoma's laboratory. [2] [3]

Death Edit

Munemitsu no Oni

Munemitsu no Oni

One year later, [1] these yoriki were hunting down the now corrupted Shokan into the Shadowlands, but the whole team was killed by their old companion, now calling himself Shokansuru and their souls were captured. Many years later in the twelfth century, Shokansuru used Munemitsu's soul to summon the fearsome Munemitsu no Oni. [2]


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