Ichiro Jinzaburo 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Siblings: Ichiro Zinjuro

Ichiro Jinzaburo was the chief advisor to the Badger Clan Champion Ichiro Kihongo. He represented the Badger Clan on the alliance created by Kitsuki Mizuochi in 1165, the Alliance of Minor Clans. [1] He had a twin brother, Ichiro Zinjuro, sensei of the Heart of the Mountain Dojo. [2]

Hideo no Oni Edit

In 1166 a Jade vein was discovered, a rare matter at that time, but it collapsed. Jinzaburo believed the Yobanjin of the Mountain Wind Tribe, which had been seen near the mine, had caused it. Jinzaburo suggested to the Badger Clan Champion, Ichiro Kihongo, to ask the aid of the Crab. Kaiu Tasuku and his elder cousin Kaiu Sugimoto were sent to Shiro Ichiro to help them. Kasuga Mino, daughter of the Tortoise Clan Champion, Kasuga Taigen, had been lived many years in the Badger lands. She believed the words of the Yobanjin, who described her an oni that matched with Hideo no Oni, the monster that nearly destroyed the Badger Clan in 1126. [3]

Keeper of Earth Edit

Sugimoto turned the opinion of the Badger and his cousin toward the real menace. The oni was nowhere, and they supposed it fled after the oni saw the Yobanjin and the Badger would not weaken one each other in battle. Sugimoto proved he was Enlightened and became the Keeper of Earth. [3]

Minor Clan Status Edit

In 1166 Jinzaburo gave his counsel to Kihongo when they suffered the Imperial scrutiny. A Miya Herald was sent to assess whether Emperor Toturi I made a mistake in allowing the Badger to retain the Minor Clan status. With the aid of the Keepers of the Books of Enlightenment, the Ryoshun's Grave was recognized in a temple within their territory, the Badger retained their status, Hideo no Oni was destroyed, several clans aided the Badger to raise from their misery, and Asahina Hira proved to be the Keeper of Void. [4]


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