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Ichiro Hideo 
Ichiro Hideo 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1128 
Parents: Ichiro Chuga 
Siblings: Ichiro Koturi

Ichiro Hideo was the son of the Badger Clan Champion, Ichiro Chuga and an oni was summoned bound to his name, Hideo no Oni.

Family Edit

Ichiro Chuga was the father of Hideo, and Ichiro Koturi his younger brother. The brothers made a perfect pair and were inseparable. [1] One time in their youth, when Hideo become lost in the forest in winter, Koturi ventured out and returned him home before the night arrived, when a blizzard hit. [2]

Appearance Edit

Hideo was popular, handsome, brave and strong, but not a clever boy. He was admired and embodied all of the qualities the Badger valued. His brother resented him, because his talents as a shugenja were overlooked by a Clan wary of them. [3]

Betrothed Edit

In 1117 Chuga arranged Hideo's marriage to the shugenja Agasha Mumoko, to improve relations with the Dragon Clan. Koturi fell in love with Mumoko during the time she spent in Badger lands in 1119, and when the Agasha returned to her home, and few months later Koturi followed her to study at the Agasha Shugenja school. [1] Hideo's communication with his brother or Mumoko was cut off, and over the next seven years Hideo only knew of them from other members of the Badger Clan who had passed through the Agasha provinces. [4]

Hideo no Oni Edit

Hideo started having nightmares, and when he woke covered with blood he was imprisoned and questioned. Unknown to him, his brother had used his name when summoning an oni [5] in 1126. [6] The oni's rampage brought the Badger Clan to the brink of extinction, and killed his father, [7] nailed to a post, legs torn from his body. [8]

Badger's Fate revealed Edit

It was Kaiu Osuki who discovered the ravaging of the Badger Clan by a monster. [9] Osuki was an Emerald Magistrate and superior to Mumoko. They found Hideo jailed at Shiro Ichiro's dungeon, with tainted eyes, revealing he had been infected, so Tsukai-sagasu were recalled to test the samurai. [10]

Oni Strikes Back Edit

Three months later Koturi arrived to his ruined home, and shortly after the demon which would be known as Hideo no Oni attacked again, killing many of the Crab guards, fusing the bodies to its corpse. Hideo escaped the battered prison and foolishly attacked the oni, which plucked the samurai from the ground. Koturi goaded Mumoko to use her magic against the demon, even if it meant his brother's dead, as he was already doomed. Mumoko relented, the oni spoke, and fled, leaving Hideo alive. [11]

No, not done yet.
-Hideo no Oni [12]

A terrible anger echoed in Hideo's tainted eyes, and a strange guilt shone in Koturi's. Mumoko knew that the oni spared the three of the for a reason, and she was the only one who could deal with the oni. [13]

Hideo Guessed the Truth Edit

Hideo saw the surprise in his brother's eyes when Koturi learned that he still lived. He knew that there was a darkness growing inside him, and that only Koturi could have placed it there. After his clan was dead Hideo had no reason to redeem himself. Hideo expected to deal with the thing that slew his father, and after it to embrace his brother's dark gift and turn it on Koturi. [4]

Tracking the Oni Edit

Hideo was linked to Hideo no Oni, so he could sense where the demon was. The trio began a chase of the oni who had doomed the Badger. [14]

Death Edit

Kaiu Osuki was killed in final combat with Hideo no Oni in 1128. [15] The two brothers and their beloved Momuko stood against the demon. Koturi held the beast at bay long enough for Hideo to take his own life, banishing the creature. Koturi then followed suit to cleanse his honor. [16] Ichiro Kihongo assumed the control of the clan. [17]

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