Ichiro Gofuki 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1159 
Parents: Ichiro Saruno 
Siblings: Ichiro Saruki

Ichiro Gofuki was an agreeable bushi member of the defunct Badger Clan, which always hoped his clan would recover its former glory. He was son to Ichiro Saruno, and had a sister, Ichiro Saruki. [1]

Musha Shugyo Edit

His sister Saruki vanished in the night without warning, so Gofuki began a Musha Shugyo in a quest to find his runaway sister. He lived telling interesting stories, and after more than ten years he realized Saruki might not wish to be found. [1]

Death Edit

Gofuki was convinced his sister was in the City of Honor's Sacrifice, and eventually found her in the House of the Morning Dew. Saruki was currently known as Kimiko, the okasan of this geisha house, who had left her family time ago, sick of the constant struggle of her family to reclaim the past of the Badger. Saruki ordered to kill her brother, who was found dead by a local patrol the next day. A group of samurai who Gofuki had met during his time in the city began to investigate the murder. [1]


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