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Ichiro Domogu 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Titles: Bagder Clan Founder

Hida Domogu was the founder of the Badger Clan as Domogu. He would be later granted with his own family name, and became Ichiro Domogu.

Badger Clan Champion Edit

Domogu was once a member of the Hida family but, upon winning the challenge of strength set forth by the Emperor in 110 he was given leadership of a minor clan and the task of protecting the grave of Ryoshun in the northern mountains of Rokugan. His first followers came from all clans, but chiefly from the Crab, Dragon and the Ki-Rin. His defeated opponent Shinjo Mako was the first to join him. [1]

Holdings Edit

Domogu and his former lord, Hida, had a brief personal conference before he and his followers ventured north. Once Domogu and his followers arrived in the northern passes, they immediately began work on a series of fortresses to defend them. [2] Domogu commissioned the construction of the new Badger Clan fortress directly on top of Ryoshun's tomb, guarding the site personally. [3] Over the next five years Domogu finished the stone fortress, later called Shiro Ichiro. His followers founded numerous villages throughout the passes, each centered around a self-sufficient strong stone fortress. If any foreigner dared to attack the empire through the pass, the Badger would slow the invaders, while the Empire could organize a stronger defense in the plains beyond the province. [4]

Ichiro family Edit

In 115 his defensive plan was approved by the Emperor and granted his own family name, Ichiro, for their dedication to the task. [5]

Legacy Edit

Hida Domogu was powerful, brutish, and a master of war architecture. His fortification designs were studied by the Kaiu family. [6]


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Preceded by:
Badger Clan Champion
110 - ?
Succeeded by:

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