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Ichiro Akitomo 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1118 
Siblings: Ichiro Chuga 
Titles: Badger Clan Champion

Ichiro Akitomo was Champion of the Badger Clan.

Topaz Championship Edit

In 1118 [1] [2] Akitomo attended a Topaz Championship at the behest of the Matsu Daimyo Matsu Tsuko, who sought to enlist the Badger as allies for the Lion. [3] The Emperor Hantei XXVIII honored the tournament with his presence. [4]

Death Edit

Akitomo was assassinated, alongside with his four bushi bodyguards in the Topaz Tournament [3] murdered by assassins under Yogo Asami's orders. The reason of his death was that Akitomo had learned that Bayushi Kachiko used Asami as her double, and Asami killed him to maintain the secret. His younger brother Ichiro Chuga became the Badger Champion upon his death. [5]

Shoju's support on the murder Edit

Bayushi Shoju, the Scorpion Clan Champion and Kachiko's husband, had already planned Akitomo's death. To prevent a Badger - Lion alliance Shoju ordered the Scorpion contestant of the tournament, Bayushi Sugai, with the help of Bayushi Aramoro, to kill Akitomo, and plant counterfeit evidence on one  of Badger Daimyo's own yojimbos, marking the guard as a ninja and implicating Akitomo's karo in an assassination plot. [3]


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Preceded by:
Badger Clan Champion
? - 1118
Succeeded by:
Ichiro Chuga

Sources Conflict
The sources relating to this article are in conflict with each other.
In Roleplaying in the Emerald Empire 213 Akitomo is assassinated by Bayushi Sugai upon the command of Bayushi Shoju. In Way of the Minor Clans Akitomo is killed following Asami's orderrs, to keep the secrecy of being Kachiko's double. Way of the Minor Clans, which dealed with the Badger directly, is kept. Anyhow, both histories could happened, and at the end Asami and Shoju targeted the same victim and cooperated. --Oni no Pikachu 13:40, January 2, 2012 (UTC)

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