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Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Un-named ronin,
un-named geisha

Ichibei was a ronin bandit leader at Shutai.

Family Edit

Ichibei's father was a ronin in Toturi's Army, who felt betrayed when Toturi ascended to the Imperial Throne. Since then lived as a bandit at Shutai, and sired Ichibei with a geisha from Ryoko Owari. [1]

Demeanor Edit

Ichibei was a hard man, with crisscrossed body and face, who dressed in rough clothes of woven hemp, and carried a massive ono as his favored weapon. [1]

Bandit Edit

Ichibei followed his father's footsteps, who had died of an illness before Ichibei was twenty. He had a haven in an abandoned mill that appeared to be about to collapse. The bandits' riverboat usually rested on the side of the mill. In 1159 a peasant girl fell in love of Ichibei, who amused himself with her for a couple of days, then decided she would fetch a price at a geisha house in Ryoko Owari. A group of samurai interferred on hi plands and released the girl. [2]


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