Ianwa no Oni

Ianwa no Oni

Ianwa no Oni, Dark Bargainer, [1] was a slothful creature, fear incarnated. It was first sighted and identified by Hiruma Scouts. This oni would travel long distances in search for preys, seeking weak-willed people to use their fears against them. [2]

Appearance Edit

Ianwa no Oni 3

Ianwa no Oni

Ianwa no Oni had a bulbous head, nearly all mouth, tapering to a to a blunt, stumpy tail. It had a putrid, jaundiced pink hide. It had two spindly forelimbs and two piggish yellow eyes, and the dorsal side had a narrow, black-bristled mane. [3]

Abilities Edit

Ianwa no Oni could communicate directly to anothers mind, had the ability to teleport, and could tremendously magnify its fearsome presence, but only against a single target. [1]

Contract Edit

Ianwa no Oni would impose a threat to consume its prey unless they give a sacrifice. The demands of the oni could range from trivial things like flowers or food to nemuranai. When the demand was satisfied, the oni would vanish. However, once having been in contact with the oni, it would come back relentlessly to plague it's victim and the value of the sacrifices would increase over those encounters. Ianwa no Oni did not value the goods it was offered, and it would merely feed on the fears inspired by it's threats. It would reveals itself only to its victims, who then appear to be mad: taking tremedous risks, contracting debts, becoming completely incoherent. [2] Typically, this ended with the victim's ignominious death. [1]

Lair Edit

Ianwa no Oni 2

Ianwa no Oni

It was said the lair of Ianwa no Oni, deep in the Shadowlands, was full of the treasures its victims offered. [2]

How to Defeat It Edit

Kuni Mokuna would advise to simply refuse to cooperate with the oni. This prospect seemed easier said than done since the fear inspired by the oni was enough to drive mad honorable and strong samurai [2]

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