Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Titles: Third Whisker Chieftain,
Chosen Prophet of Z-ee

I'kak was the Chieftain of the Third Whisker Tribe.

Chosen Prophet Edit

I'kak was born marked with the nm'atch-tekn ("tomorrow eyes") and was immediately declared the Chosen Prophet of Z-ee of his generation. He was friendly and kind, with a terrific sense of humor and a ready squeak. [1]

Taxing Destiny Edit

His Transcendent Guardian, Z-ee, was entirely mad and rarely communicated his wishes intelligibly, so I'kak sometimes did not follow his dreams, but his own instict instead. He knew of a secret tunnel within the Kaiu Wall used only by the Chosen Prophets, and disappeared unnoticed through it to break the tension of his job. [2]

Yasuki Friend Edit

During his travels, I'kak became associated with a young Crab shugenja named Yasuki Garou. During a journey in the Shadowlands I'kak saved Garou's life from an Akuma no Oni. The two had been close friends since, though Garou refused to return to the Shadowlands. Z-ee foretold a great destiny in Garou, a destiny linked strongly to the Nezumi people. [1]

Chieftain Edit

After his master's death in 1123 he became the chieftain of the Third Whisker. [3]

See also Edit

Preceded by:
Third Whisker Chieftain
1123 - ?
Succeeded by:


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