Hyoushi was a monk of the Brotherhood of Shinsei.

Order of the Nameless Gift Edit

Hyoushi was a member of the Order of the Nameless Gift who sought to understand time itself. After long research he declared that time was an illusion. To the enlightened mind, all moments existed together: past, present, and future. The other monks considered his notions far too esoteric, so Hyoushi left them. [1]

Hermit Edit

Hyoushi migrated westward into the lands of the Dragon Clan, becoming a hermit. In a small town he eventually crossed path with a young peasant prostitute. Hyoushi bowed to her and assisted her across a muddy patch of street. The girl was so impressed that he would eventually join the Order of the Seven Thunders as the nun Kagiri. [1]

Legacy Edit

Kagiri found in the library of her monastery a scroll deposited there by Hyoushi. She became convinced Hyoushi, who was already dead, had achieved enlightenment. Kagiri vowed to pursue and spread his studies, so the Order of Eternity was born. [1]


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