Hyobe family
Patron family: Kasuga family
Clan: Tortoise Clan
Founded: c. 1116
Daimyo: Unknown

Hyobe family was a vassal family in service to the Kasuga family of the Tortoise Clan.

Founding Edit

Hyobe was appointed as the commander of the Tortoise ships which traveled to the north of Rokugan. His ship sunk and he survived for months alone in an island. When Hyobe eventually returned to the mainland he had an atrocious scar upon his left eye, and an unyielding fear of the sea. [1] As Hyobe was considered an important asset of the Tortoise, he became the general of their army and was granted his own family. Ten years later he fought alongside Yoritomo in the Clan Wars. In his deathbed, Hyobe passed the secret of his last sea voyage to his successor, and each daimyo in turn every generation. After they knew the tale, the new Daimyo swore to avoid the sea and feared it for the rest of their lives. [2]

Duty Edit

The Hyobe made up the officer corps of the small Tortoise Clan Army. They defended the ports, trade interests, castle and embassies of the clan. [2]

Hyobe Daimyo Edit

Hyobe (c. 1116) - 1159


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