Hyakute no Oni

Hyakute no Oni

Hyakute no Oni was an oni of the Shadowlands.

Creation Edit

Hyakute no oni first appeared in the Shadowlands around the time that Daigotsu assumed command over the Lost, created by Daigotsu himself or, perhaps Shokansuru, to serve as spies and saboteurs. The hyakute no oni were exceptional at infiltrating Rokugan and wreaking havoc. [1]

Appearance Edit

Hyakute no oni were slightly taller than humans, with an humanoid torso and legs, with a thick, leathery, and discolored skin. Their head resembled that of a large insect, with compound eyes, long antennae, and big mandibles. Hyakute no oni had no less than five pairs of symmetrical muscular human arms which could operate independently in pairs. Two pairs of thin, sucker-laden tentacles sprang from the base of its spine, and they were capable of performing independent actions. [1]

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