A Hyakuhei

Hyakuhei were samurai that fell victim to the Shadowlands, but unlike the shambling mindless undead of the Shadowlands they kept their intelligence. These creatures were capable of tactical sophistication and were driven by a purpose not understandable by anyone outside the Shadowlands. [1]


To an untrained eye, hyakuhei appeared to be just shambling undead, often bearing signs of decay and degrading. Their flesh, what little they might have, remained firmer than that of zombies. They often mimicked the behavior of zombies to deceive their foes, and when they so wish they could move with a deceptive speed. Their eye sockets were often empty, but burn with a sickly green flame that only enhanced their terrifying appearance. [1]

The Horde of Fu LengEdit

Hyakuhei, which translated to all evil, [2] were referred to as the Horde of Fu Leng by Rokugani, and some shugenja theorized that they were blessed with the blood of Fu Leng himself. [1]

Followers of DaigotsuEdit

Daigotsu Koshiro

Daigotsu Koshiro, a Hyakuhei

Even after the death of Fu Leng on the Second Day of Thunder in 1128 these hyakuhei continued appearing, and they would follow any leader who obviously bore the favor of Fu Leng. When Daigotsu appeared in the Shadowlands, the hyakuhei swore allegiance to him, taking the Daigotsu family name, and Daigotsu also created more hyakuhei by anointing several zombies with his own blood. [1]

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