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Hurricane Initiates

Hurricane Initiates

Hurricane Initiates, the Fifth Phoenix Legion of the Shiba Army, [1] was an Elemental Guard unit composed by shugenja who studied air magic. [2] Archers of the finest quality made up their ranks. [3] This legion of shugenja was attended by the Shiba Sixth Phoenix Legion, the Legion of Wind, who were specially trained to interact with that legion. [1]

Elite Unit Edit

Within the Hurricane Initiates there was a small selective group of shugenja who specialized in using illusion magic on the battlefield, the Mist Legion. [4]

Conflicts Edit

War of Fire and Thunder Edit

In 1167 the Initiates fought in the Battle of Broken Waves, the final battle of the War of Fire and Thunder. [5]

Third Yasuki War Edit

This unit intervened without success in the Third Yasuki War. [6]

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