The Hundred Stances Plains were named after the Dojo of a Hundred Stances which sat on this place devoid of any notable features, and known mainly for its frequent storms and grass fires. [1]

Legend Edit

It was said that once a young Osano-Wo visited the desolate plain and met an old warrior. The Crab Heir compared his life with the one of the aged warrior, who was irritated by Osano-Wo's pride. The nameless warrior offered him a challenge, who was accepted. The old man challenged Osano-Wo to defeat death, breathed his last breath and quietly passed away, having himself lost the same challenge. [2]

Features Edit

Storms were quite frequent in the area, often with heavy thunder and ferocious winds. The plains were originally called the Plains of Thunder, and many in the area referred to them as the Plains of Lighting. Some called it Oshiro's Grave in tribute to the swordmaster, Oshiro, who devised the Hundred Stances style. The poor quality of the soil and irregular access to fresh water made them quite unfit for cultivation. Its most famous landmark was Osano-Wo's Rock. [3]


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