Hukuro no Oni was an oni most commonly known as the Owl With Teeth.

Appearance Edit

The demon was twenty feet tall, with the head and wings of an owl, legs that were shaped like human arms, and with teeth as long as a shinbone. [1]

Ryoko Owari Edit

Okami Edit

Hukuro no Oni moved from the Shinomen Mori to Ryoko Owari Toshi creating havoc. It could not be stopped by the Thunder Guards and one citizen, Okami, decided to kill it and entered the forest. The oni agreed with Okami to be dueled with Katana, but requested to select the place. Hukuro tricked Okami and imprisoned him in the Great Lunar Cave, requesting to be given the human's name in return for his freedom. Okami refused, and captive told his story to a mujina which run to the city. The mujina found Okami's cunning wife, Riko, and requested her to outwit the oni. Riko put on her husband's training armor and went into the forest. [2]

Riko Edit

Riko presented herself as Okami's brother, and bargained with the oni. Hukuro liked tests and mischievous games, so Riko swore she could break into pieces any boulder along the riverbank. If she failed Riko had to surrender her name, but if she succeeded Riko would put a test of strength to the demon. The selected boulder was heated with a fire, and dag a trench, and when the cold water reached the hot boulder it broke into pieces. The cunning maiden had used cleverness instead strength. [2]

Destroyed Edit

The test of strength was to remove the stone in front of the Great Lunar Cavern, which maintaned Okami trapped inside. When it lifted the stone he leaped out and killed the oni with a single stroke. The blackened pieces of the stone Riko had broken were collected, and alongside with the Owl Demon's teeth were set into the Gate of Oni's Teeth. [2]


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