Hub Villages

The Hub Villages

The four Hub Villages surrounded what was left of Otosan Uchi.

Gozoku Edit

During the first Gozoku several colleges were stablished by Otomo Reju in the Hub Villages, including the House of Shining Light. [1]

Before the Fall of Otosan Uchi Edit

Due to the slowed growth of Otosan Uchi and the limited housing suitable for those of samurai birth, the Hub Villages were an opportunity for those who could not acquire housing within the city to have a personal estate near the city borders. [2] Each of the "hub" villages were filled with inns, tea houses and shops. They were the "liltle capitals" of the Empire, where those who have no invitation could meet and discuss polilics and strike deals. The bureaucracy lived there, and when the Emerald Champion's magistrates brought in the collected taxes, they were counted in the hub villages. [3]

Fall of Otosan Uchi Edit

When Otosan Uchi was destroyed the villages fared better, but not by much. The surviving residents had mostly moved elsewhere, leaving the villages strangely quiet. [4]

The Four Villages Edit

Hub Villages 2

Hub Villages

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