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Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Sanzo

Hozumi was a bushi ronin passionated for Animal Husbandry. [1]

Heritage Edit

Hozumi was the son of the famous ronin Sanzo. [1] He visited his his father's shrine twice a year, to pay his respects. [2]

Mirumoto Vassal Edit

Hozumi served as a vassal to the Mirumoto family for a time. He had even been offered fealty by family daimyo Mirumoto Rosanjin, but declined, saying he still needed to prove himself. [1]

Trading Journey Edit

In 1167 Hozumi accompanied the courtier Kitsuki Seiji and his yojimbo Mirumoto Kenzo in their trading journey to Ox and Monkey lands. When he met the Monkey Clan Champion, Toku Inao, who was Toku's widow, he introduced himself as the son of Toku's comrade Sanzo. Seiji and Kenzo did not know his heritage, and the weight of Kenzo's wakizashi, Ambition, seemed greater somehow. [1]

Journey to Koten Edit

In 1170 he accompanied Togashi Miyoko on her journey into Crab Clan lands. Hozumi was coming to the Crab Ancestral Hall to listen and learn of tales about heroism and bravery, to find what shaped a man into a true hero. They arrived at Koten shortly after Hida Kisada was murdered. There they were detained for questioning by Hida Sakamoto. [3] The couple were released and journeyed to the Kaiu Wall. [4]

Destroyer War Edit

In 1171 Miyoko returned to the Dragon lands after the Destroyer War began. She arrived alongside Hozumi, Mirumoto Kenzo, Isawa Nakajima and his yojimbo Shiba Nobuyuki. News came that the yobanjin Army of Fire had assaulted the Empire again and they were approaching Last Ridge Village. Miyoko sought her brother Togashi Taro and convinced him to fight the minions of the Dark Oracle of Fire. He dealt with the barbarians alone. [5] In 1172 Hozumi left Miyoko. [6]

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