The House of the Golden Frog was a secret dojo of the Kaeru family, and it was located in the City of the Rich Frog.

History Edit

Shortly after the foundation of the order of Machi-Kanshisha which was the enforcement arm of the Kaeru, several dojos were founded by a member of that order. The ruling members of the Kaeru realized that by using hand-picked members of the Golden Frog order, they could conceal their own covert operatives within a legitimate body. The smallest part, the House of the Golden Frog, was designated as training grounds for the Kaeru's secret operatives, who were sent on missions in complete secrecy and autonomy. [1]

Kaeru Contractors Edit

The Kaeru occasionally undertook missions on behalf of other parties, but they retained their secrecy by masquerading as other groups or working through intermediaries. [1]

Tradition Edit

Secrecy. Officially their members were only Machi-Kanshisha. To prove loyalty to the Kaeru they must steal something from other Machi-Kanshisha and they were disavowed if caught. If they then remained silent they were rescued and sent to serve the family elsewhere in the Empire. [1]

Training Edit

They had the same training as the Machi-Kanshisha, with additional training for stealth and deception. [1]

Sensei Edit

Unlike the majority of the Machi-Kanshisha, the instructors at the House of the Golden Frog were actual members of the Kaeru family. This was not public knowledge, and there was always a ronin who served as a figurehead sensei so that the rest of the Machi-Kanshisha would not realize that those being trained at the House of the Golden Frog were any different from the rest of their number. [1]

Notable Sensei Edit


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