The House of the Evening Star, located in the Floating Village, was one of the most profitable geisha house in the Empire. [1] Their geisha were paid well in order to maintain their loyalty, and only the most powerful daimyo had enough resources to impress the pampered geisha there. [2]

Odoshi's Legacy Edit

The esplendid building once referred to as the House of Spring Flowers was patroned by a Shiba general by the name of Shiba Odoshi, who was quite fond of the geisha house and its mistress, Mineko. Eventually the okasan of the house began to fall in love with him. When Odoshi came to Hitomi's side to rise as the Evening Star, the mistress did not take food or drink and died. In her memory and her beloved, the house was renamed the Evening Star. [2]

Notable Okasan Edit


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