The House of Plum Blossom was a dim, plain small building easy to ignore of Ryoko Owari Toshi. Only those with directions find it. [1]

Ninjo Edit

The house was prepared to satisfy ninjo, those desires and urges that would show weakness if indulged publicly. Some were harmless as smoking opium, but other passions were bizarre, dangerous, and violent. Many young innocents came into the house to never be seen again, or if they were, their faces could not be recognized. It was a house of brutality, savagery and unspeakable cruelty. [1] The woman who operated the house was not a woman at all, but a demon in human form. [2]

Atsuki's Control Edit

The house came under the control of Bayushi Atsuki's agents during the Shadowed Tower conspiracy. They used the perverse patrons to absorb the corrupting influence of their dark rituals. The predators suddenly became the prey to a larger beast. [2]

Assassination Edit

The returned spirit Gusai arranged to meet Moshi Kakau there in 1158, but when the two met he was assassinated by a murderer who melted in and out of shadows. [3]


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