House of Foreign Stories

House of Foreign Stories

House of Foreign Stories was a building of three stories in the Licensed Quarter at Ryoko Owari Toshi. [1] It was a geisha house, tea house, and gambling house combined into a single building. [2]

Gaijin Edit

In the House of Foreign Stories the tales, songs, women and drinks were all from gaijin lands. It also sold many works of art from those foreign countries. [3]

Pre-Scorpion Coup Edit

It was run by the gaijin Magda prior to the Scorpion Coup. Sake, tobacco, and opium were openly consumed in the great hall. The rooms upstairs were smaller and more intimate then the main ones found on the ground floor. The balconies of exterior chambers allowed a great view of the Island Garden and the Pleasure Road. While the inner chambers were reserved for the owners and the women who resided there. [1]

Shinjo's Purge Edit

During the Kolat purge made by the Kami Shinjo upon her return from the Burning Sands, numerous Kolat spies were found to be in the House's employ. All employees were arrested, the artifacts within destroyed, and the gaijin geisha cast down Exile's Road in chains. [4]

Re-opened Edit

In 1158 the Shinjo Daimyo Shinjo Shono realized that his family still owned the geisha house, and opened it for business once more. It become something of a retreat for the Shinjo visiting the city, and the security staff were all Shinjo Bushi. [4]


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