House Suresh were a kshatriya family, [1] the rulers of the Ivory Kingdoms. They were guarded by the warriors of House Singh. [2]

Mantis Allies Edit

During the Mantis-Ivory Kingdoms War Suresh secretly allied with the Mantis Clan against the hidden Cult of the Destroyer. They held a great deal of prestige and were trusted to send Rama Singh to Rokugan to find a special ginseng for the ailing Maharaja. [1]

Trading Edit

After Toturi II an Imperial Edict of safe haven in Rokugan for kshatriya, the Suresh had begun trading in earnest with the Crane Clan. [3]

Ruined Ivory Kingdoms Edit

In 1168 [4] worshippers of Kali-Ma enacted a bloody ritual. The Ivory Kingdoms were put to the torch while Kali-Ma fought the Ivory Kingdom gods in the heavens. Fueled by Jigoku, the gods fell before her power. [5]

Known Masters of the House Suresh Edit


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