Hounds of the Lost

Hounds of the Lost

Hounds of the Lost were Rokugani dogs and wolves infused with minor oni spirits that crawled around the Festering Pit of Fu Leng. The resulting creatures were akin to rabid wolves, but could be tamed to serve Obsidian Magistrates in groups to track anything in the Shadowlands. [1]

First Sighting Edit

The Hounds of the Lost first appeared alongside the Moto Black Guard. The Moto family had a tradition of using specially trained dogs in battle, and those Moto lost to the Shadowlands retained this tradition in a terrible fashion. [2]

Appearance Edit

The hounds were hideous red-eyed mockeries of real wolves, with emaciated bodies, sharp bones protruded from their bodies, massive jaws, and razor sharp claws. Even tamed hounds refused to submit to any restraint, like a collar. When Hounds sensed prey they became rabid and immediately attempted to attack. [1]

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Hound of the Lost

Hound of the Lost

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